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Developing Regional Curves for Stream Restoration in Mississippi
Proceedings of the 2019 Mississippi Water Resources Conference

Year: 2019 Authors: Ramirez-Avila J., Ortega-Achury S., Martin J., Richardson B.

A long term stream assessment and restoration program is needed in Mississippi and developing Regional Curves is a critical first step toward achieving this goal. This project aims to provide validated tools to aid practitioners and Federal and State agencies in the design, evaluation and implementation of more effective stream and wetland restoration and mitigation projects in Mississippi. Main goal and project tasks will be achieved by using a combination of methods including remote sensing, field reconnaissance, detailed data collection, laboratory analysis and modeling. Project tasks include identification of stream reference reaches to conduct geomorphological and biological assessment and surveys within the Tombigbee River Basin, a representative area for the East Gulf Coastal Plain Physiographic Section and the Coastal Plain Province in Mississippi. Geomorphic and biological surveys will be related to drainage area to develop the Regional Curves and biological community references, respectively. Proposed Regional Curves will be compared to available Curves for the Coastal Plain Province in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. Stream restoration designs for an existing non-functional stream will be developed using both, the new proposed Curves and those from outer state. The new tools are expected to improve stream assessments and designs increasing the effectiveness of stream restoration projects.

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