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Case Studies of Rapid Dam Breach Modeling during Flood Events
Proceedings of the 2019 Mississippi Water Resources Conference

Year: 2019 Authors: Crosby W.

The USACE Modeling Mapping and Consequences Production Center (MMC) provides hydraulic modeling, mapping and consequence analysis for USACE dams in support of the USACE Dam Safety and Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience (CIPR) Programs. The MMC has developed processes, tools and standards for creating dam breach hydraulic models for use in emergency action plans (EAP), during real-time flood events, and in support of the Corps Dam Safety and Security programs. The MMC-developed standards have been used to provide dam failure modeling for over 500 USACE dams and multiple flood events, involving over 1000's of stream miles throughout the continental U.S. and Alaska. The MMC also provides Flood Inundation Modeling support during real-time flood events with its Flood Inundation Modeling Cadre (FIM). The mission of the FIM Cadre is to assist districts when called upon to run real-time hydraulic models, prepare forecast inundation maps, and develop consequence estimates for significant flood events. Since supporting the flooding efforts during the 2011 flood of record on the Mississippi River and the 2011 flood on the Missouri River, the FIM Cadre has been called in to support multiple flood events across the nation, including support during some hurricanes.

This presentation will provide case studies where the MMC FIM Cadre has supported flood inundation modeling during flood events. The presentation will primarily focus on dam break analysis during hurricanes. In 2015 the MMC performed a dam break analysis in South Carolina during Hurricane Joaquin. Additionally, MMC performed 2 dam break analysis during Hurricane Matthew in 2016. The MMC FIM Cadre has also performed numerous levee breach analysis during flood events.

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